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Compression. Compression offers significant savings in valuable cargo-space, and can only be done in Upwell Structures that offer refining or with a Rorqual industrial ship whilst in its industrial configuration. Batch sizes are 100 units for ore, and 1 unit for ice, with both compressing down to a single unit of their compressed version per batch.

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This calculator allows you to input the desired mineral quantities and it will tell you precisely how many units of ore are needed to fill the desired quantity. Additionally, it will also calculate the approximate time it will take to harvest said ore, based on your efficiency rate and mining laser yield.

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Using 5th-percentile buy price in the "The Forge" market region, price of mineral content assuming 72.36% reprocessing rate. Calculated using Tranquility Datadump & Pricing from EVEMarketer.Made by Qoi

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Compressed ore gives the same amount of minerals then uncompressed ore. But the compressed ore needs less cargo space the uncompressed ore or the minerals. It's different with ice though . Even with max. refining skills, the ice-materials take less space then the compressed ice. "Frauenversteher wissen, was Frauen wollen.

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Your victims will then become more wary, and the status quo will resume. I doubt an equilibrium will ever be reached that will support a significant increase in the fraction of the eve population who live purely by piracy. In fact, we not so long ago had an alliance named after these principles.---34.4:1 mineral compression: Kazuo Ishiguro ...

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EVE Industry - Blueprint Calculator. Blueprint or group name: Manufacturing Invention Settings. Build your own Components Make your own PI Processing. Build from Copy Hide detailed material list Delete Custom Pricing. ^ type into search box ^. Runs per Job: Jobs: - Ore Table for EVE Online

Cerlestes' Ore Table is a daily updated, highly informative and easy-to-read source of information about mining in the EVE Online universe.

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The official subreddit for Eve Online. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 13. Mineral compression calculator « Eve Industry Tracker. Close. 13. Posted by. Minmatar Republic. 7 years ago. Archived. Mineral compression calculator « Eve Industry Tracker.

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Project compression calculator. February 15, 2013. This update will effect mainly those of us who operate in null or lowsec and move large quantities of minerals in one go. The best method of doing this is with compression. Only problem with compression is that the levels of materials you need to compress all the trit and pyerite rarely line up ...

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EVE-Cost is a 3rd party tool for manufacturers in EVE-Online to help ease all the management stuff a player needs. EVE Time: 13:51:45 30.10.2021 Log in or Register ?

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A calculator that would give the cheapest combination of ores to yield the desired quantity of minerals would be very helpful. Nah, there will still be plenty of minerals on the market. First miners put ore on the market.

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Hmm I may be fucking something up as my Sheets-fu is weak, but I'm not getting outputs under "Output ISK" after running the script on "Linear Optimization ISK" While filtering 0 and Blank, just returns for 4 compressed ores at far below the needed amount. 1. level 2. Mitnik-. Op · 4y.

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The Income Calculator for 'Ore' calculates your income for each mineable substance in eve-online.You can set the price and your own mining skills. With a click on "set" the table updates with your specific values. The preset values are prices from eve-central and the from skill-, fleet-, ship-,etc.-boni, are the maximal possible amount for mining.

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Manufacturing Calculator. If your slot modifier is 25% decreased, then type 0.75. If your slot modifier is 2% decreased, then type 0.98. If your slot modifier is 5% penalty, then type 1.05. NPC stations usually have no modifiers, then type 1. Both ME and TE slot modifier fields work this way. You must choose from autocomplete suggestion (s) to ...