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Julia's crucifixion. Posted on May 11, 2013 by riwa. 4.2. ( 5) It all happened so fast. One moment she was servicing the Roman senator. The next several guards were bursting in to haul her away in shameful nakedness. Julia knew then that her situation had become exceedingly ominous, causing her much distress in her stomach.

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Your erotic stories. Dave had wanted to be crucified for as long as he could remember. He was brought up in the Catholic religion and even though the religious side of things had never made much sense to him he found the images of the crucifixion and the scourging erotic beyond words. He had long kept his fantasies to himself until he saw a ...

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That idea does not appeal to me that much (in contrast to volunteering with ropes, but that is intended as an erotic experience). I would rather consider the story concept of "volunteering" for the real death sentence, which has different aspects. The base line is that crucifixion is …

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720p. Teen Trapped in a Cage submitted to bondage and BDSM punishment. 7 min. 720p 7 min Oldje - 417.2k Views -. 360p. PASSIONOFAGODDESS: CRUCIFIED WOMAN CARRYING HER CROSS. 2 min. 360p 2 min Momoyaoyorozu69 - 23.3k Views -. 1080p.

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Roman crucifixion contains:1. Severe flogging of the condemned with bull whip.2. carring the horisontal part of the cross up to the hill, bearfeet, across shape stones3. Crucifixion. Condemned must endure more that 3 hours on the cross to suffer in agony.4. All condemned must be naked on the cross5.Crucifixion will be in groupsEvery person who ...


CRUEL STORIES OF THE DARKER AGES OF HUMANKIND. YOUNG WOMEN SENTENCED TO THE CROSS ARE THE VICTIMS OF THE DARKEST PERVERSIONS OF THEIR GUARDS. Crucifixion is nearly as ancient as mankind itself, appearing as a form of punishment in the first civilizations on Earth. From ancient Babylon to the Ottoman Empire, for a thousand years the cruel art of ...

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A CRUCIFIXION FANTASY What had I done? I never expected this type of pain! From the beginning crucifixion appeared to be erotic and sexual. That’s how I thought of it. It was something to be enjoyed throughout but the eroticism lasted only for about ten seconds. My idea of crucifixion was a true fantasy.

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The Execution. The crowds gathered early for the execution. Small children darted in and out of clumps of people, playing Tag and Kick the Can and those other perennial childhood games that will never die. They ran and laughed, enjoying Life, until their mothers called them back to huddle behind skirts and bags and weary legs.

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That idea does not appeal to me that much (in contrast to volunteering with ropes, but that is intended as an erotic experience). I would rather consider the story concept of "volunteering" for the real death sentence, which has different aspects. The base line is that crucifixion is a death sentence. A cruel one.

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; Caroline on the Cross. by AubreyWylde on Sep 19, 2017 ... religion and even though the religious side of things had never made much sense to him he found the images of the crucifixion and the scourging erotic beyond words. He had long kept his fantasies to himself until he saw a personal in his local newspaper. It re ...

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A breathtaking comic featuring the most detailed visual documentation of crucifixion to date!!! Explore the erotic aspects of crucifixion following Caudalia's ordeal spanning a total of 53 story-packed pages. That's right! 53 high definition pages (2016 x 2688 pixels at 96 dpi) featuring 8 to 12 panels each, for a total of 500 ...

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Sabina: A Roman Slave. The sun rose on another hot summer day in Rome as a simple cart, pulled by horses, snaked its way along the streets which were slowly coming to life. In the cart, chained along both sides, were slaves on their way to the market to be sold. Sabina looked miserably along the road and wondered how her life had come to this ...

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Bridgett our reporter was present to the newest Slavery Game. Doree fulfills her desire for martyrdom. Young woman challenges young man to a crux contest. More fun at the Manor: Carole meets an exciting young couple and other exciting erotic stories at Literotica.com!

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Caroline had always fantasized about being crucified. A guy has his fantasy of being crucified fulfilled. Contract bondage and pride in a central Russian resort. A soldier is stripped and crucified. and other exciting erotic stories at Literotica.com!

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Last thoughts (Judicial hanging) 2.8 (20) The last thoughts of Dorothy and Zilpha as they are arrested in a foreign country for immoral behavior, given a sham trial, raped by prison guards, locked into the stocks out in the courtyard and whipped… and then marched through town to the gallows where they are hanged for their crimes.

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Occasionally crucifixion was used as a punishment as opposed to a death sentence. Young Woman's Torture Fantasy. Maria, a young, single Filipina, who lives in San Francisco, was fascinated by the ordeal of crucifixion. She wrote Leslie Parma, a writer of taboo stories, that she often masturbated thinking about crucifixion.

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Eight people decide to explore the eroticism of no nail crucifixion. Published by sexblog on March 14, 2019 . On Saturday night of week three we gather at my apartment. Brad and Anne, having already been through ... All stories, erotic novels, chatacters and events in this site, are absolutely fictional, not real. Exads. Amateur Porn. Latest ...

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This story certainly drives home the torture and sexual humiliation Maria believed took place in that era and this is one of the most erotic crucifixion stories I've ever read. My main criticism would have to be that the story puts too much emphasis on the torture before the crucifixion …

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She planned a private erotic rope crucifixion saturday night for her boyfriend, with a safe-word. His friends helped build & polish the cross. Wrists tied to patibulum on the ground, anticitation turns to horror when she sees hammer & nails next to her, and his friends approaching...

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James was true to his word - two years later, at the end of a session for a life drawing group, James handed me an envelope with nine hundred dollars. This story was brought back to me a few weeks ago. This experience was very powerful to me, and I sometimes like to look at crucifixion …

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Similar searches crucifixion crucified crucify hanged by the neck crucifix saced cross dr lomp bdsm ex nun bdsm crux electric chair amber blanks anal bbc gallows crucifiction beheaded whipped crucifixion crucified women guillotine beheading on the cross hanged inquisition wooden pony noose bdsm crucifixion crucified whipping ...

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My Second Crucifixion. Hello. For those of you who have not read my previous story, let me introduce myself. My name is jessica and I am a slave. My training has been progressing since I last told my story and I have been made to undergo many new tortures and humiliations.

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Results for : roman crucifixion women movies 10,501 videos. ... Slaves of Desire: Erotic Submission Fantasies. 464.8k 98% 5min - 720p. Bound Heat. Bath House party for lesbian slaves to impress the mistress. 891k 99% 3min - 360p. ... XNXX Images / Animated Gifs / Stories.

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Bondage, suspension, electric shock torture, rack, crucifixion. This is a rewrite of a story I wrote years ago, with more severe detail and descriptions, and new characters. A LONG STRETCH REVISED A young woman accused of "bewitchment" is publicly executed by slow stretching on the rack. Rewritten with a lot of new elements.


CRUCIFIXION. Crucifixion is a form of slow and painful execution in which the victim is tied or nailed to a large wooden cross and left to hang until dead. It is principally known from antiquity. Crucifixion (or impalement), in one form or another, was used by Egyptians, Persians, …

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My Erotic Crucifixion. The Executioner thought, this will be a tough one, two people, one cross! I digress, it all started, me a nice pretty young thing, going about my business, day to day, then I met HIM! Me, blonde, blue slim, him tight and fit, Me, 42B-35-40....I looked at him while I was standing in line for coffee, admiring his butt...

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A high, melodious, calculating laugh—the laugh of a child with a developing case of sadism. A baby face peeked out from behind the convoluted folds of the cackling woman's dress. It was ravaged by self-inflicted scratches and ancient with intelligent evil. The face of what was once its daughter was splitting apart under the force of violent ...

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Michael Alexander Stories presents a vast new array of erotic fiction, both in style and in content, bursting with new characters, innovative situations, original plots, and fresh models, all while keeping hold of the characters and settings you may have come to know and love so well.

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Would love more execution and crucifixion stories. Would love to read the beginning of the crucifixion process too. Reply. 1 like. DjEtla. May 11, 2020. Thank you for leaving a comment. I posted a link for Part 2 of this story. That part of the story covers the time period before her crucifixion …


T he practice of crucifixion probably originates with the Persians. Alexander the Great and his military officers probably brought it back from the Mediterranean, most likely from Egypt and Carthage. ... features explicit images and stories of brutal executions and erotic tortures in the Roman Arena and Ludus. IN THE ROMAN ARENA.

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Stories of male crucifixion.Based on the real facts of Roman law and punishment. Friday, May 16, 2008. Crucifying Slaves I really did not expect Crassus to order the crucifixion of the 6000 slaves of the Sparticus revolt. The logistics of supplying enough road side crosses was no small problem. But Romans were are good at organising events such ...

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From that standpoint, crucifixion is erotic. More than any other theme in Le Marquis, this is the one that encapsulates the narrative. We see it in the marquis' sadism, no doubt, but what about the real driver of the entire story, the American tourist whose fascination with torture leads us into the museum in the first place?

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Today, Christians around the world commemorate Christ's crucifixion Take a look at these gory stories involving being nailed to a cross. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT.

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Marcella's Crucifixion Introduction It is hot summer day in Salona, a city of the Roman province of Dalmatia. Word has spread through the city and a crowd has been gathering outside the city walls since early morning. It seems there's been a crucifixion at the place where such executions occur. It is not the usual crucifixion.